The system that makes kitchens thrive is called mise-en-place, literally “put in place.” It’s a French phrase that means to gather and organize the ingredients and tools needed for cooking. The concept of “mise en place” has been used in the development of the new design for the residence at 3131 Zuni in Denver. This idea is specific to the client’s love for cooking, good food and cocktails. Drawing on the use of actions used in cooking, the new interior architecture has been developed in the same vernacular. Natural ingredients and food have be used in the creation of a neutral color palette integrated with small pops of bright colors, like adding spices to a dish. Biophilia has been used throughout to create connections to the natural environment in this urban dwelling.

Dining I Kitchen
The dining area now is more integrated into the kitchen zone with the removal of a large media unit that took up much of the floor space. New dining furnishings and a mixology lab will be housed here. The mixology unit will become the connection to the kitchen island, that we have updated with new paint, a stainless steel application and custom steel and glass shelf suspended from the ceiling above. The other kitchen area has also been renovated with new paint, a geometric pattern tile backsplash and new brushed stainless steel countertops. The old coat closet has been built out as a kitchen pantry with custom dado shelves.  

Entry | Living
The residence has been updated with a new entry area that is established with a custom slatted wood screen, stained to match the new Du Chateau Thames hardwood floors. An entry closet has been built and faced with a custom smoked glass barn door finished with a brushed aluminum frame and hanging system. Then entry screen acts as a room divider and offers some privacy in the living area while still allowing for natural light to pass through. A new media wall has been built to accommodate a tv and sound system, and also acts as a threshold for the second entry on it’s opposite side.