MO worked on this unit in the LoHi neighborhood of Denver. The residence has been updated with custom designed sliding doors in the hallway and new paint and hardware throughout.

For the first set of doors, we took inspiration from the natural Colorado landscape - the designs were created with a repeating tree pattern. For the second set, we took inspiration from the client’s favorite destination spot - Barcelona. These designs include a laser etched panel showcasing an enlarged street plan of the Barri Gothic area of Barcelona and a portion of a topographic map of Serra de Collserola Parc Natural, on the outskirts of Barcelona.

The old english mahogany doors were CNC and laser engraved, with a balanced black laminate backside. Inlay recesses are coated with an ebony stain. A frame piece of 3/4” material with matching veneer encases the door to hide the track and create a visual clarity to the opening. The laser engraved panel has been pocketed and inlaid into the door. Both sliding door sets have handles integrated into the routed surface so that no hardware had to be added.